About me


Thank you for stopping by.

I have always been drawn to the beauty of the outdoors. The forests and deserts. The gentle flowing rivers and creeks. The raging ocean waves.

This lead to many years travelling to some of the remotest parts of Australia.

My love of the outdoors and nature is expressed through my photography.

Through my photographs, I want to show people some of the things in the world in which they live.

I want to connect people with their environment. People who are unable to explore the world in which we all live. People who want to see things just a little differently.

My aim is always to capture photographs that evokes an emotional connections. Not with my photograph but with the subject of the photograph.

The photograph must tell a story.

This is why I do what I do.

Artist’s statement

My photography has evolved from an exploration of the world around us. I find subjects that appear mundane and show them in a way that creates a connection with the viewer on a personal level.

Most of my photos are planned in advance and reflect my desire to explore the environment both man-made and natural. I also take pleasure when I discover and photograph things that are unexpected.

My approach is to create a print that has an element of artistic value through composition and is also heavily influenced by the weather, time of day and time of year. I use this approach to amplify the inherent qualities of a subject. This inevitably means visiting a location a number of times over several months to capture an image that achieves this.

My demands in capturing the photograph are followed by the processing of the image and finally to the choice of print medium. The artistic intent of the finished print is to portray a vision that is uniquely mine yet remains bedded in reality. My goal is for the viewer to see a familiar subject in a new way.