About the photo – “Beach Rocks”

About the photo – “Beach Rocks”

A wave crashes over one rock and approaches two others on the beach.
Beach Rocks

I live about 150 kms (100 miles) from the coast. Not a long distance but long enough when the closest beach means travelling through the suburbs of Brisbane. As I was visiting Eumundi to find out if it was worth having a market staff, I decided to stay at Tewantin for a few days and get some beach photos.

Breaking down reduced the time I had to take photos but I managed to get this one.

Here’s the story on how this photo was made.

The place

For those not interested in the maddening crowds and high-rises of the Gold Coast, Noosa offers a pleasant alternative. Easily accessible from the northern part of the area is Noosa National Park. A short walk along the walking tracks and you can easily reach Tea Tree Bay. It was here I made this photo.

Creating the photo

Technical stuff

Canon 6D
38mm F/11 1.3 Secs
NISI 6 stop neutral density filter

Capturing the scene

I starting this photo on an angle. I moved around then saw how the two front rocks form a V shape. I then lined up the V with the rock at the rear. Next I wanted to make sure I had the three rocks separated so adjusted my tripod height to get a gap between the front two rock.

Next was to get the water slightly blurry. Simply slowing my shutter speed down gave me a photo that was too bright. To counter this, I fitted a NISI 6 stop neutral density filter. A good exposure from a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds.


Processing the photo was fairly easy. The water and sky were pretty well spot on but the foreground was a little dark. Brightening this area and increasing the contrast bought out the texture of the sand and the rocks. You can see this in the before and after example.

A photo showing how the photo looked before and after processing in Lightroom.
Beach rocks - before and after

Framing the photo

For this photo, I’m thinking a double mat.

The bottom mat is an off-white and I’m using Snowflake.

The upper mat is a light brown  slightly lighter than the sand colour. It’s called Almond.

I’ve chosen a natural timber coloured frame darker than the sand colour. I felt it suited the lighter mat colour and nicely frames the image.

A framed print of my "Beach Rocks" photograph hanging above a white couch.

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