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About the photo – “Beutel’s Sunset”

About the photo – Beutel’s Sunset

Beutel Lookout looking west. The green grass contrasting with the orange sunset and blue sky.

The place

Visit Queensland’s Ravensbourne National Park and you will probably head to Gus Beutel Lookout. Perched on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, this lookout is a popular place for bush walkers, picnickers, or people just wanting to admire the views.

Sunsets from the top of the Great Dividing Range can be spectacular with reds and magenta’s. I wanted something more.

The prep

I was watching the clouds start to break up one late afternoon. This was my signal to grab my camera gear and head off. After several trips to try and get ‘my’ photograph, I knew it would take me about 30 mins to drive to the lookout. As I was driving to the lookout, I was watching the light. I was sure the clouds would be right but I was not sure about the light.

I arrived to the lookout, found a place near the corner fence post, and setup my composition. It was about this time that another photographer, Lindsey Walker turned up with a travelling companion. I had heard a lot about Lindsey so was pleased to be able to meet him.

As the sun sunk in the sky and with Lindsey heading off, I watched the light start to change and new I was in for something special.

Beutel Lookout looking west. The green grass contrasting with the orange sunset and blue sky.
"Beutels Sunset"

My thoughts

One of the things I have learned in my photographic journey is patience. Some photographs are taken by chance. Others are earned. I feel I earned this one.

The blues and greens that you see are what I wanted to capture in an image.

Get your own print

Not all photographs look good on aluminium but this one certainly does. The bright colours make it ideal for this media. I would suggest framing the aluminium using a textured, rustic timber frame with a silver edge.

If you were framing a fine art print, an off-white mat with a plain black frame is a great way to draw the eye to the colours.

Either option suits a range of decor.

A framed aluminium print of the Beutel's Sunset photograph.
Framed Aluminium
An image of Beutel's Sunset print framed as a fine art print.
Framed Fine Art Print

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