“Blue Box”

A model of the famous blue box, a textured footpath, a dark night and you get this.

This is a very unusual photo for me. It came from an idea I had afer seeing the numerous Lego characters in different places and situations. My Blue Box photo just pushes my current boundaries of creativity..

The place

I had an idea for the subject, a cardboard cutout, but just needed to find a place to take the photo.

I walked around town and found a place with some nice texture pavers and some traffic lights I could use in the background.

It’s normally a busy spot so I came back late on a Sunday afternoon.

The prep

This is one of the rare photos where I planned everything.

The first thing I wanted as a small model of the TARDIS. I found a free template online. After printing and assempling it, that was the first step.

Next was a location. I wanted some interest on the ground as well as something in the background. I decided on a spot not far from the main intersection in Toowoomba’s CBD.

It’s usually a busy area for traffic and pedestrians so I decided a late Sunday afternoon would be best.

I setup my tripod with the camera about 15cms off the ground. A low photograph would give me a good view o the model and show the background traffic lights. I set my camera up to keep a fairly narrow area in focus.

It didnt’ take too many photos to get the image I wanted. Some waiting for the occasional pedestrian to move on but that’s never a problem for the right photograph.

About 30 minutes and the job was done.

My thoughts

I wanted to the blue box and the colours to be the subject of the photo. Some work was done to get the balance right and to not make the model look like a model.

This photo is always popular with the Dr Who fans. I’ve sold a few prints and quite a few greeting cards of this one.

I’m happy how this photo has come out. It met my expections and is still one of my favourite photos from the last few years.

Thanks for visiting.

Framing suggestion

This photograph looks fantastic printed on white based or brushed aluminium. It’s equally good as a framed fine art print.

As a framed print, a simple off white mat and neutral colour timber frame give a sense of timelessness to the subject.