About the photo – “Boranup Forest”

About the photo – Boranup Forest

The cream trunks of a Karri tree forest in South West Western Australia.

The place

The South Western area of Western Australia is renowned for its forests. The giant native Karri trees in particular stand out in their size and colour.

When I was younger, I explored this area. Travelling the rough bush tracks to hidden forest retreats to camp and enjoy the solitude.

I wanted to get a photo that captured the uniqueness of the area yet wasn’t the typical coastal photo that many tourist get.

The easiest, and in my opinion, the best place to get close to a fantastic stand of Karri trees is a place known as Jerusalem Hollow. It’s an hours drive south of Busselton along Caves Road. You can make a day trip stopping off at the many cave systems in the area that are open to the public.

The prep

I was here in March and the region was still dry from the Summer. I made a few trip to the forest but the colours just didn’t look quite right.

Lucky for me, we had rain the day before.  Rain is great for landscape photographers as it enhances the colours. Greens are greener, browns are browner blah blah blah. So, making an early start, I headed out to get an early morning shot with the forest still wet.

I wandered around this stand for a while taking shots at various spots until I found the one spot that really summed up what I was after in a photograph. A large tree with the typical Karri colour, the green understory, and more trees in the background.

The cream trunks of a Karri tree forest in South West Western Australia.

My thoughts

I wanted a photo of the forests and the Karri trees in particular.

When I look at this photo, it’s like I’m still standing in the damp scrub admiring the cream trunk, red, fallen bark, and green ferns.

I didn’t want the whole  tree in the photo as there was no need. I don’t think it would have the impact I was after if I had moved back. The tree would have blended in with all the others. Read my ‘Get closer and take better photos‘ article for more information.

I now have the photo I wanted.

Framing suggestion

A framing suggestion would be a forest green style matt with a white accent. A timber look frame will add to the woodland feel this print gives your home.

An image of a framed print of Boranup Forest.

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