The place

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the South West of Western Australia is Busselton.

Founded in 1832 and in close proximity to the tall timber country, Busselton soon established itself as a leading port for the export of that timber.

Busselton’s iconic jetty is the longest wooden jetty in the southern hemisphere. It’s mostly used for tourism and fishing. You can walk the jetty or catch the small tourist train that runs regularly.

The prep

I like travelling to Western Australia. Mainly because it’s my home state and my mother still lives there.

I wanted to get a photo of the jetty that was different to what most people see. I’d been down the the shoreline a few times but this time the sunset was kind to me.

One part of the photo that was important to me was to get the lights on the jetty with a star burst look and for this you have to close down the aperture of the lens quite small. (this reduces the amount of light that can get to the camera).

With bag in hand (camera bag although my wife was sitting in the park watching) I moved around a bit to find a spot that would give me the image I was after.

Once I had that, I just waited and watched the sky as the fantastic colours appeared as the sun set.

My thoughts

I’m glad I spent some time to get a photo that expresses how it felt to be there.

So many of this jetty are you daytime snapshot and I think the colours in the sky, the broken cloud and the main subject combine to create something special.

If you’re ever in Busselton, spend the sunset time sitting in the park watching the jetty in the beautiful light.

Get your own print

The rich purples and orange make this a great photo for printing on aluminium.

We have it on display printed on brushed aluminium which gives the photo a different look to one printed on fine art paper or white base aluminium.

On brushed aluminium, we have it displayed with a simple silver frame.

Shown below is a fine art print framed with an off white (technically it’s Snowflake on Sable) accent mat and a purple top mat know as Thistle. Framed with a simple black frame.

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