“Kulpi Garage”

The place

Kulpi is a town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. It is about 65 kilometres north west of Toowoomba. At the 2011 Australian Census Kulpi and surrounds recorded a population of 298.

The site of the town of Kulpi was part of a selection made by Fred Beckman from the Rosalie Plains pastoral run. Mr. Beckman built two establishments, the Pioneer Hotel, refurbished and reopened a few years ago, and a store which formed the centre of the town.

The settlement was originally known as Rosalie, however the name was soon changed to Kulpi, to avoid confusion with the Rosalie Plains Homestead, which was a small town in itself.

The name Kulpi is said to be from a local aboriginal word meaning “charred logs”.

The prep

I love an old garage. Especially when the bowsers are still in place.

I’d seen this garage while travelling around photographing other subjects and in image collections when searching for places to photograph. The colour of the building and rusting bowsers just stand out.

This building faces a south easterly…ish direction so a sunset photograph was definitely out. A sunrise shoot was the only option. It’s only a 30 minute drive from my house so I didn’t need to worry about an insanely early start. Just miss out on breakfast type start.

I hadn’t thought about cloud cover but the end result showed that a blue sky might not have been the best option. The textured clouds don’t distract you from the main subject.

I tried this photograph as a black and white but it really is the colours that make this photo a standout.

My thoughts

I really love the colours in this photos. Being an abandoned building is one thing but without the green building and rusting bowsers, it wouldn’t be as interesting.

Next time you’re passing by an old building, take a look at it but try and see the beauty that I see in most things.

I hope you like it.

Framing suggestion

It’s good to pick a colour from the photograph and use that as the basis from the mat. I didn’t choose the prominent colour instead choosing the grey from the clouds. I felt that this made the green and rust colours stand out more.

A wood tone timber frame gives a touch of history to the scene.