The place

Travel the Warrego Highway about 3.5 kms north-west of Jondaryan, Queensland you may have seen this little, abandoned railway station. Malu Station was just one of those features on the landscape that no-one really notices. There is still a railway crossing to the nearby quarry, but the building was removed late 2017.

The prep

While searching for interesting places and things to photograph in the region, I came across someone’s photo. I have no idea who’s photo it was but an idea started to form.

It’s flat out there, very flat and the trail lines can be straight for some distance. Combine the little building and a colourful sunrise and I thought a good photo could be made.

I use a number of software tools to plan my trips and picked a day where the sun would rise as close to behind me as possible. This tool so tells me when the sun will rise. On this morning, it would be just after 6am.

I also wanted clear skies. While I normally like broken cloud to add interest, the colours of the building and the colour I wanted in the sky meant any clouds would likely be a distraction.

With a 45 minute drive ahead of me, I headed off at 4:30 in the morning to make sure I had time to setup.

The first trip wasn’t successful. The colours in the sky weren’t right and there were some light clouds.

On the 2nd trip, I had what I wanted.

My thoughts

This was a great little station. The cream building with green trim stood out in an otherwise uninteresting scene. With the two railway lines leading off into the distance, it just adds to the sense of a railway station just waiting for…something.

It’s sad to know that this building has now gone but I’m very glad I now have a photo that anyone would be glad to have hanging on their wall.

I hope you like it.

Get your own print

The colour of the station building and the colours in the sunrise sky stand out. This makes it hard to choose a mat that matches the colours.

I went with a plain, off-white mat but added some interest by using a classic wood tone frame.