“Perth Night Skyline”

The place

Born and bred in Western Australia, I spent most of my teenage years growing up in Perth.

With the wide Swan River fronting the city, it’s a very pretty, modern city.

I knew one of the best places to photograph the city at night was going to be from the South Perth foreshore.


The prep

I originally wanted a sunset shot from Kings Park. Rising above the city, this park gives you a great view. Unfortunately for me, there was a concert happening in the park and most of the area was closed to traffic meaning a long walk and no guarantee of a place to take the photo.

I went for plan B. At that time, I had no idea what plan B might be but I knew there would be one.

Checking the tools that photographers should have with them, I made my way to the South Perth foreshore. I could see the clouds moving in from the west. Photographers love, or at least should live, clouds.

At this time of year, there was a bit of traffic around. Both cars and people. I found a place to park, grabbed my gear and headed to the edge of the river.

Now, the thing about clouds is that they sometime have rain. The thing about rain is that you get wet. Fortunately I had my brand new Lenscoat Raincoat 2 Pro.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a raincoat or umbrella for myself. Such is life.

After spending a quiet early evening contemplating life, I came away with the photograph below.

My thoughts

I wanted a photograph of the city in which I grew up. I wanted a photo that showed the dynamic city which it is. The clouds were a blessing and, to me, a higher energy showing me the way.

When you stand on the South Perth foreshore at night, you really get a sense of what this city is about. Something that you couldn’t get wandering the streets.

The clouds were definitely a bonus and add to the dynamics of the photograph.

It’s not your typical tourist photo which is what I wanted. Plus, it lets the potential visitor know there’s something that really is worth seeing in the heart of Melbourne.

This is a photo that, when I look at it, really brings back some strong memories. As a teenager I spent a lot of time fishing in this area and looking at the night skyline. It brings back a lot of memories for me even if the skyline isn’t much like it used to be.

Framing suggestion

Two options for this one. An off-white mat to suit any decor combined with a very light blue, textured moulding combines a traditional look with a touch of moderm.

For something more striking, a purple mat to match the purple in the image finished with a plain black frame.

Both options give a great, modern look for any home or office.