“Quindalup Sunrise”

The place

Quindalup is a small town in the South West region of Western Australia. It is situated between Busselton and Dunsborough on Geographe Bay. The local boat ramp is popular with the local fisherfolk

I’ve seen a few photos of the boat ramp and really wanted to catch something that made a relatively uninteresting subject stand out.

The prep

I had a few early mornings and late evenings waiting for something interesting to happen in the sky.

This particular morning, it was looking good as the sun was rising and the colour starting to show in the sky. The slight breeze made it cooler and gave me some small waves breaking on the shore.

I moved my camera and tripod around the ramp looking for a setup to get the small jetting and colourful sky. I had to be quick as the sky can lose it’s colour as the sun rises.

My thoughts

The bright colours make this one of my favourite sunrise photos.

The way the horizon separates the orange sky and water. The posts of the jetting breaking the horizon. The reflection of the sunrise on the water along with the slight swell makes me wish I had a boat there to go fishing in.


Framing suggestion

The bright colours of the sky really make this photo a stand out.

A black mat would draw your eye into the photo. A black frame with a gold edge adds to the effect.

This is a photo and framing combination that would brighten up any home or office.