The place

Travel the Warwick Allora Road in Queensland and you might just see a small church tucked away just off the road at Deuchar.

I found this church while exploring some of the back roads in the region. Don’t blink or you will probably miss it.

Church of the Sacred Heart is a long standing place of worship for the local community. It was blessed and opened by Archbishop Duhig on March 23rd, 1919.

If you’re interested, mass is held on the 3rd Sunday at 10am.

The prep

I love a good country church. Especially one that is still be used as it was intended. This one in particular caught my attention as there are no houses nearby, it sits on top of a rise, and, on first glance, it doesn’t appear to be used. When I visited it was surrounded by tall grass.

The first visit wasn’t the time for a good photograph. It was the middle of the day with bright, clear blue skies. Not the best for the style of photograph I wanted to create.

There wasn’t even anything in terms of a view but I knew there was a great photo to be had.

I captured this photograph on my third visit. I usually stopped by while out photography something else in the area. The clouds were broken enough to get the texture.

My thoughts

I’m glad I stuck with this subject. Not only is it one of my favourite photos but has proven to be popular with visitors to your market stalls. We’ve heard a few stories from people who worship here, who have been to wedding still held at the church and even from a lovely couple who were married here.

I’m especially glad that it’s still used today.

I hope you like it.

Framing suggestion

I normally like an off-white or black mat with my black and white photographs but thanks to my picture framer, this looks stunning with a mauve mat.

As a large framed print, it has a presence that other photographs don’t.

Finished with a plain black frame and it becomes the centre of attention.

Here you can see what I normally would use alongside the mauve matted print.