“Sandridge Railway Bridge”

The place

On a Melbourne holiday a couple of years ago, I wanted something different to the typical tourist photos.

One subject that stood out was the Sandridge Railway Bridge.

Crossing the Yarra River from Southbank to the CBD, I wanted to create an interesting photograph. As it was only a few minutes walk from our hotel I knew that I could try taking photos at different times of the day.

The prep

With the bridge mostly surrounded by a lot of tall buildings, I had to make the most of the time of year. There was no going back a week or month later to retake the photo like I might do at home.

The best light for photography is usually in the early morning or late afternoon. With tall buildings to the west, a sunrise shot would make the best use of the light.

I would have liked to show some movement on the bridge using blurred pedestrians but as it was an Easter weekend, there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic around in the early morning.

This bridge has yellow sides so I wanted to make these the main feature especially against the gray buildings.

My thoughts

I’m glad the bridge has been repurposed as a footbridge.

When you stand on the Southbank side of the bridge and look along it towards the city, those yellow sides guide you eyes. I wanted a photo of the bridge that draws you into it. That makes you feel like want to walk along it. The city skyline as the backdrop adds to the city feels and gives the whole image and industrial urban feel. The tight crop gets rid of unnecessary clutter but still lets you know there’s more to this area than just the bridge.

It’s not your typical tourist photo which is what I wanted. Plus, it lets the potential visitor know there’s something that really is worth seeing in the heart of Melbourne.

Framing suggestion

The dull buildings and travel surface (the bit you walk on apparently) are in contrast to the bright yellow trusses (the sides, I think).

A framing suggestion would to have a dark matt that picks up the colours of the buildings. A black frame with an inner edging of gold would complement the yellow of the trusses.

A modern look for a modern home or office.