“Sunrise at East Greenmount”

Get up early to photograph one thing and something else presents itself. While heading down the waterfalls around Killarney in Queensland, I was given the opportunity to see a spetactular sunrise. Taking my Sunrise at East Greenmount photo shows that you have to be there to capture the colour of nature’s sunrise.

Although stopping on the highway could have been an option, there wasn’t anywhere that I could use to create a better photograph.

I turned eastward on a side road. A short drive gave me a better view.

The place

East Greenmount is in Queensland about 30 kms south of Toowoomba or 55 kms north of Warwick. It’s farmland with cattle and a variety of crops being grown depending on the season.

If you’re looking for a meal or something to drink, the Wheatsheef Hotel sits right on the highway with easy parking.

The prep

No prep on this one. I was heading south to photograph some waterfalls.

As I was driving, I kept an eye on the sunrise sky and started looking for a place to make a photograph.

My thoughts

The colours in the photo are pretty much as you see them. I did bring them up a little as I do with a lot of my photos but it how I saw the morning sky.

I could have looked for a better angle on the road but skies like this don’t usually last long. Too much screwing around and I would have missed it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Framing suggestion

This print comes up will as a traditional framed fine art print. With the colours though, printed on white based aluminium creates a stunning print really showing off the colours.

With the bright colours, an off white mat and a simple black frame would be the ideal choice for a framed print. Just left as it is would be the choice for the aluminium version.