The place

In the Southern Downs Region of south-eastern Queensland is the town of Allora. It is 158 kilometres south-west of Brisbane. The two closest large towns are Warwick to the south and Toowoomba to the north.

The region was first explored by Europeans in the 1840s although there’s evidence of the are being inhabited at least 11,000 to 9,000 years ago.

This old house is about 6 kms north of Allora along the Allora Clifton Road. I’d driven the road this old house is on a few times when looking for sunflower photographs so I knew it would make a great subject in the right light.

Here is a short story on my “Whittonville” photo.

The prep

I had my subject and that was the easy part. What I needed was the right time of day because I wanted to front of the house lit.

A piece of software I like to use is The Photographer’s Ephemeris because it can show me sunset and sunrise times. It will always tell me the angle of the sun at particular times of the day and year. What I found was that the angle would be just right and sunset was around 6:00pm.

As usual, I arrived way too early. At 4:30 in the afternoon, there’s not a lot to do. Once I’d picked as spot for my tripod, I sat back and listened to some podcasts and waved at the few cars that travelled this road.

My thoughts

I’m happy with the composition. The tree, long since fallen over fills in a gap to the left without taking away from the feel of the photo. The photo is more about the location than the house to I wanted to make sure there was enough of the surroundings but not too much as to diminish the house.

Being an old house and with broken cloud in the sky (my personal favourite type of sky) black and white was really the only choice. The colour version doesn’t give the same feeling.

I added more contrast to the sky than I normally would so the greys balanced the foreground.

It’s cropped to a 2 x 1 (twice as wide as it is high) to reduce the amount of sky and foreground.

That’s it. Thank you for taking the time to read the story of this photograph.

Framing suggestion

I have chosen two options to show you for this photo because not every option suits everyone.

As with a few of my black and white’s a purple mat seems to draw the eye in. For this one, I’ve included a v-groove just out from the print. A v-groove is a cut into the white ‘meat’ of the mat board to add a highlight.

The other option is a black mat with the same v-groove. I’ve chosen a black frame as any other would just look strange. To eliminate the blackness, I’ve chosen a moulding with a gold highlight on the inside.

You can order your copy from my online store today.