7 reasons why art can be good for your business

7 reasons why art can be good for your business

From the aesthetic to the psychological, the benefits of including art in the workplace are numerous and diverse. Not only does artwork have a positive impact on employees’ well being, but it also improves the aesthetic of a space, in addition to a host of other advantages. Elegant photographs can give a sense of professionalism while avant-garde sculptures can inspire thought and creativity.

The impact that artwork can have on a business is often underestimated. The right choice can change the mood of a meeting room while an unusual piece can be a talking point in an otherwise bland, boring space. Artwork have can also have a direct impact on productivity and well-being of office staff. Here are 7 reasons why art can be good for your business.

Create connections with clients

You know your client demographic, age, geographic location and other data and may use this in your marketing. But are you engaging with your potential or existing clients on a personal level?

By selecting artwork that your client base can relate too you have the opportunity to trigger conversations and build trust. An example would be artwork featuring local landscapes or buildings or with an industry theme. To make this more effective, have tags with a brief description of the piece.

Make a good impression

Artwork that compliments your office and business creates an impression with visitors. Potential clients will see a professional environment that will committed to quality outcomes. Existing clients will see a business that takes pride in how their office is presented.

A business man with a smiling couple in an office setting.

Helps define your brand, image and ethos

You take care that the paint colours, furniture style and floor coverings reflect your company’s brand, culture and professional ethos.

Artwork should reflect this same business identity – be it playful, modern, traditional or professional.

Creates a stimulating workplace

A bearded man in an office smiling and leaning back on his chair.

It goes without saying that enhanced productivity is beneficial for both company output and its bottom line.

Workers in art- or plant-filled offices are, on average, 17% more productive than those who in offices without plants or art; possibly as a result of a stimulated mind and a more creative outlook. Add to this the findings from research undertaken by Exeter University’s School of Psychology which found that employees who make decisions around the design and layout of their work space are not only happier and healthier and you’ll could see up to 32% increase in productivity.

Improves staff retention rates

In the same study mentioned above, it was found that 92% of women and 71% of men said that their well-being improved with an art-filled workplace. Improved well-being means fewer sick days, reduced stress levels, and longer stretches of productive output. This, in turn, keeps staff engaged and less likely to leave.

Supporting (local) artists

When you buy from local artists, you’re not just helping the artist you’re also supporting the local arts as a whole. Maybe that local artist you’re supporting today could one day become famous. And it all starts with your support.

Local artists will, generally, charge a lot less for their work compared to more well know artists. Buying or renting a piece of artwork for your business will improve the aesthetic of the area. It is where and from whom you purchase the work of art that makes all the difference though. Supporting local artists creates a relationship between culture and community. One’s form of expression can be another’s inspiration.

Purchasing art from a local artist, is not only supportive to the local artists community, but leaves you with a unique work of art.

You have the opportunity to meet the artist who created the piece. This unique experience gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the artist’s creative process and allows for you to build relationships. This leads to better service and maybe even the chance to commission a custom piece specifically for you!

A framed print of Perth Skyline at Night hangs above a table

An investment with multiple benefits

Making art work for your business has a number of benefits not only a short-term increase in profits but a longer-term commitment to improve the working environment, develop a culture of quality, and showing a commitment to team well-being.

When you next go into your office, have a look at the artwork you have on display and ask if it is working for you.

I’d love to know your thoughts on art in the workplace. Has it worked for you? Is it something you’re considering? Please leave a comment below.

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