My code of conduct

My code of conduct

Water trickles over the rocks of this small cascade.

I believe that when people interact with nature, they should follow a certain code of conduct. Things they do, and don’t do, to make sure that any impact on the environment is kept to a minimum and preferably, not at all.

By not doing so, there is a risk that access to areas could be restricted and we will not be able to visit and appreciate that environment.

People who photograph nature are in a great position to help raise awareness not only of endangered species and environments in need of conservation, but also of what people can actually see when they visit reserves, parks and other places.


How I interact with the natural world. The things I do and don’t do to ensure minimal impact with the plants and animals that live in the areas I visit. These may be city parks and gardens, national parks, or private properties.

Nature comes first

Do not interfere with animal life cycles.

If an animal shows stress, move back.

Stay on trails that are intended to lessen impact.

Do not use or encourage the use of live animals as bait for photographic purposes.

Do not use or encourage the use of recorded bird or animals calls to attract wildlife.

Where possible, research your subject and/or location beforehand and avoid risking any harm to animals.

Promote the welfare of wildlife and the environment.


The things I do to demonstrate behaviours that promote a positive impact to the environment.

Help minimise cumulative impacts and maintain safety.

Learn the rules and laws of the location.

If minimum distances exist for approaching wildlife, follow them.

Treat the wildlife, plants and places as if you were their guest.

Prepare yourself and your equipment for unexpected events.

Avoid exposing yourself and others to preventable mishaps.


How I interact with others who in the same area as me.

Treat others courteously.

Ask before joining others already shooting in an area.

Tactfully inform others if you observe them in engaging in inappropriate or harmful behaviour.

Report inappropriate behaviour to proper authorities.

Don’t argue with those who don’t care; report them.

Be a good role model, both as a photographer and a citizen.

Educate others by your actions; enhance their understanding.

Your turn

Is there anything else you do when out and about? Lets us know by leaving a comment below.

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