Walking tour and photography tips

Walking tour and photography tips

Tour guide Teresa talks about the history of Queens Park while participants take photographs.

I teamed up with Teresa from Toowoomba Walking Tours to offer photographic tips to people learning about Toowoomba’s local history.

Toowoomba Walking Tours offers a great experience for people wanting to learn more about the local buildings and people. For this walk, we combined talents and I gave photography tips to help participants take better photos not just on the walk, but tips they can take with them.

Starting at Cobb & Co. Museum, it was a cold start with the wind keeping temperatures down. Our first stop was the windmills. Did you know the old foundry played an important part in manufacturing this important rural feature? Next, Queens Park and the naval canon (have you ever wondered if the canon has been fired?). More protected from the wind, it was a great walk in the sunshine learning more about the history of some of the parks features.

Taking a photo that shows the big picture can be OK but it’s the details that can tell the story. Get in close and look for details that create more interest.

Next stop was a walk down Margaret Street stopping at sites of historical significance. I didn’t know Toowoomba had its own gaol. Teresa talked about several other historical buildings including the building currently the home of the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre and old TAFE building. We stopped off for a cuppa’ and a comfort stop. It was great to sit down and chat with the group.

After a short walk, we learned about the changes to the Empire Theatre over the years. Did you know a famous cinema chain family once owned the building?

Next stop was one of those lovely back alleys I enjoy exploring, Becker and Olcott Lanes. I didn’t know one of the buildings we saw from the rear was a church.

The tour group stops for a talk about this local historic building.
Teresa talks about the history of one of Toowoomba's landmark buildings

When photographing buildings, symmetry can create an interesting photograph especially when a path leads in a straight line to the door. Photographing from an angle can also create interest so look at features such as paths or fences to lead the viewer’s eye to a focal point such as a front door or water feature.

There local history to be learned in the back alleys of Toowoomba.
Olcott Lane and the history of some of the buildings.

I enjoyed Teresa’s talk about the area. Something I knew a little about, others were new to me. I enjoy hearing about the history. I also enjoy sharing the photographic knowledge others have given me. Combing the two was a win for me and, I hope, something that Teresa and the group attending enjoyed as well.

Teresa offers a number of walks each with a particular theme. Head to Toowoomba Walking Tours website for more information. If attending a tour that also gives you some photographic tips, contact Teresa via her website or Facebook page, or contact me via my contact page or Facebook page.

A big thank you to Teresa for teaming up for this unique walk and to the group who joined us.

Do you have a favourite historic building in Toowoomba? Tell us about it by commenting below.

We often see photographs where the subject is obvious or doesn’t stand out against the background.  Separating the subject from the background creates more interest and makes the subject of the photograph stand out more. Separation can be achieved by using contrasting colours or space between different elements in the frame.

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