Why I love nature and landscape photography

Why I love nature and landscape photography

I’ve had an interest in taking photos ever since I can remember. Using the family’s various cameras when I was a youngster then buying my own as I got older.

I remember the excitement of getting photos back after putting a roll of film in to be processed. Sometimes there was disappointment but hey, that’s life.

I was exploring the world around me long before becoming a ‘proper’ photographer. My most memorable trips were following the Trans-Australian Railway line from Kalgoorlie to Forest, Western Australia. And the drive out to Chambers Pillar in the Northern Territory. As we travelled I mainly used a camera to document trips.

A photo of Shane sitting on a fig tree root holding his camera on a tripod.

My first attempts to take more meaningful photos were horrible. I knew how to use my camera but I just couldn’t seem to create photographs that reflected what I saw. But I learned, practised and kept at it and. eventually my photographs improved.

The Indian Pacific pulls into Forrest station. 2000.
Chambers Pillar, Northern Territory. Circa 1999.

Making photographs lets me get away from our modern world and and being at one with the environment around me. Whether it’s an amazing sunrise or an animal in the wild, the experience of connecting with a place is very personal for me.

As people become more disconnected from the natural world, I feel it’s important to share the images I create. Not only to make visually pleasing photos but to inspire people to see the world around them in a different, perhaps new way.

Water pours over these unnamed cascades near Killarney in Queensland.
"Unnamed Cascades #1"
Some tiny mushroom on the forest floor.
Mushrooms in a rainforest.

Capturing the photo is a small part of what I love about creating images. Finding new locations, getting there, and taking a photograph is just the beginning. Processing the image to bring out my vision and then printing and framing the final image.

Sometimes I can get a great photo in the one visit. Sometimes it has taken several visits over three or four months to capture the image I had in mind.

A black and white photograph of Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain - Lake St Claire National Park, Tasmania.
"Dove Lake #2"

I hope you enjoy the images I create. I take them as much for others as for myself but, creating images that represent my vision of a subject and location is the main thing.

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