How high should you hang wall art

How high should you hang wall art

Once you have purchased artwork, it’s important to hang your new piece the correct way. Hanging wall art at the correct height should make it looks its best in a room. So the question is, how high should you hang wall art?


Before you start, please use an approved ladder and keep power tools away from children.

Where to start?

Always start with the vertical centre of the artwork. So, measure the height, halve that and measure that distance from either the top or bottom. It’s this point that should be at eye level.

The recommended height

If you do a search on the Internet, the recommended height is for the vertical centre to be 145 cm (57 inches) from the floor. Give or take a few centimetres. Why 145 cm? This is supposed to be the eye height for the average person.

This is a great height to you if you’re planning on hanging artwork in an area where lots of people would see it.


What height for you?

Well, the reality is that if you asked me at what height should you hang artwork, I’d ask you what was under the space?

No furniture against the wall

If your piece is going to hang on a wall with no furniture underneath then we stick to our guide of placing the vertical centre at eye level.

But what do you do when he’s really tall and she’s not so tall?

Well, you average it and make adjustments from there. You’ll know if it’s working or not.

For me, I’m 180 cm tall. When I hang a piece, I hold a print up with the centre at about eye level. Then I lower it about 5 cm. This works for me and for my wife who is about 160 cm tall.

Furniture around

If your room is one where people usually sit and you can’t really stand back an admire the piece, such as a lounge or dining room, it should hang lower.

However, if your wall is a large and open, you generally won’t hang the print low.

Hanging above furniture

If you have a couch or cabinet against the wall, hang the piece the bottom edge of the piece should be between 20 and 25 cm. Add more height if you want to make room for an arm to rest on the back or if you have very high walls. Just don’t go above the normal height we talked about above.

A photo of a couch against the wall with a print above it.
A print above a couch should hang no less than 20 cm from the top.

That’s it

This is a guide but does give the fundamentals of how high you artwork should have. If you have anything hanging on the walls, take a look and you may be surprised that they do feel like they’re hanging too high or too low.

Did you find this information helpful? I’d love to know. Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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