Which camera should I buy? A line of cameras sit on a shop shelf

Which camera should I buy?

The choice of camera types is daunting. People are confused about which camera they should buy. This article may help...
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What is The Rule of Thirds?

The “Rule of Thirds” is one of the first compositional tools that you should learn. It is a simple concept...
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A photograph taken in the evening across Dove Lake with the boatshed to the right.

Dove Lake Boatshed

On the northwestern shore of Dove Lake sits one of the most photographed landmarks in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair...
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Take better photos - Learn to see

Most people I talk to have an interest in taking photos of family, friends, and travel destinations. Some would like...
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Park benches and grassed area in Peacehaven Botanic Park.

Peacehaven Botanic Park

Of all the parks and gardens in the Toowoomba region, my favourite would have to be Peacehaven Botanic Park. This...
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My code of conduct

I believe that when people interact with nature, they should follow a certain code of conduct. Things they do, and...
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A photo of a garden and monument with the title text overlaid.

9 tips to improve your photography

Most people I talk to have an interest in taking photos of family, friends, and travel destinations. Some would like...
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A photo of a dead tree on the edge of a lake. Taken at Boreen Point Queensland

Boreen Point

I was staying in Tewantin, near Noosa intending to visit Eumundi markets. I couldn’t stay in the caravan park for...
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A wave crashes over one rock and approaches two others on the beach.

Beach Rocks

I live about 150 kms (100 miles) from the coast. Not a long distance but long enough when the closest...
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A view across the flower beds of Queens Park Botanical Gardens.

The 6 best places to photograph flowers in Toowoomba

If you like photographing flowers, spring is the right time and if you live in or are visiting Toowoomba, the...
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A magpie stands on the green grass with a setting sun behind the trees in the background.

Magpie Sunset

Toowoomba is know as the Garden City. There are some great parks including Queens Park and Laurel Bank Park. While...
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A black and white photograph of Toowoomba's Empire Theatre.

Empire Theatre

Many people who have visited Toowoomba will usually have at least heard of if not passed by the Empire Theatre....
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The bitumen road leads into a bright orange sunrise.

Sunrise at East Greenmount

Get up early to photograph one thing and something else presents itself. While heading down the waterfalls around Killarney in...
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A dismantled FJ Holden waits in a shed to be restored.

Old Holden

Titled “Old Holden”, this is one of my most popular photographs. Holden’s FJ series was produced in Australia from 1953...
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Looking low and along the railway tracks to the disused Eltham Railway Bridge.

Eltham Railway Bridge

Eltham sits in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales. With a population of around 340 people, this little...
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A model of Dr Who's tardis sits on the footpath.

Blue Box

A model of the famous blue box, a textured footpath, a dark night and you get this. This is a...
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A black and white photograph of the old Toowoomba's Post Office tower.

Old Post Office – Toowoomba

Walk down Toowoomba’s Margaret St in the CBD area and you’ll see just one example of a historic building that’s...
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Busselton Jetty with the purple sky of a sunset in the background.

Busselton Jetty Sunset

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the South West of Western Australia is Busselton. Founded in 1832 and...
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The tall grass of the Tamar Island Wetlands is cut by a boardwalk leading into the distance.

Tamar Island Wetlands

If you’re in the north of Tasmania, it’s well worth a visit to the Tamar Island Wetlands. A short ten-minute...
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Chromaluxe How Its Done

How aluminium prints are made

My photographs printed on aluminium usually generate some interest. People are curious about how we print photographs onto metal. This...
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Steam locomotive Class AC16 Number 221A

AC16 No. 221A 'The Yank'

This is locomotive AC16 No. 221A (builder’s number 69456). A a 2-8-2 freight locomotive which is now part of the...
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A photo of the disused garage at Kulpi.

Kulpi Garage

Kulpi is a town in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. It is about 65 kilometres north west of...
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A photo of the tiny Malu Railway station with the purple sunset sky.

Malu Station

Travel the Warrego Highway about 3.5 kms north-west of Jondaryan, Queensland you may have seen this little, abandoned railway station....
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A black and white photo of St Patrick's Church, Deuchar with dark, broken clouds in the sky.

Sacred Heart Church

Travel the Warwick Allora Road in Queensland and you might just see a small church tucked away just off the...
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Beutel Lookout looking west. The green grass contrasting with the orange sunset and blue sky.

Beutel's Sunset

Visit Queensland’s Ravensbourne National Park and you will probably head to Gus Beutel Lookout. Perched on the edge of the...
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Quindalup boat ramp sits with waves lapping at the shore and a bright yellow and orange sunrise.

Quindalup Sunrise

Quindalup is a small town in the South West region of Western Australia. It is situated between Busselton and Dunsborough...
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The cream trunks of a Karri tree forest in South West Western Australia.

Boranup Forest

The South Western area of Western Australia is renowned for its forests. The giant native Karri trees in particular stand...
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A photo of a couch against the wall with a print above it.

Five things to know before buying artwork

When you’re thinking about buying artwork to hang on your walls, the right sized piece will create balance in the...
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A photograph of an abandoned and rusting Ford Customline showing the front left headlight space.

Take better photos. Get closer.

Carry a camera and you will start looking for something to photograph. Getting closer to your subject can get you...
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A late evening photograph of the city of Perth showing lights and a cloudy, blue sky.

Perth Night Skyline

Born and bred in Western Australia, I spent most of my teenage years growing up in Perth. With the wide...
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A photo looking along the path of Sandridge Railway Bridge with the bright yellow steel sides.

Sandridge Railway Bridge

Crossing the Yarra River from Southbank to the CBD, I wanted to create an interesting photograph. As it was only...
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The golden sunrise light shines off the white grain silos at Warra.

Warra Grain Silos

Warra is a small town located in the Western Downs region of Queensland, Australia. You pass through it when travelling...
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